Brian Lumb Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brian Lumb Photography [email protected] (Brian Lumb Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Brian Lumb Photography: Blog 96 120 A Resolution for 2014 and the future It is 2014 and have thought about the many missed photographic opportunities that I missed throughout the year(s).

One in particular is a barn that was close to home that I have wanted to photograph for many years. It is a typical 19th century New England barn with some great features. While it was red I had always pictured it in monochrome and studied the shadows at the different times as I drove by throughout the years. It had fallen into disrepair so age was a concern as was safety if I wanted to get close or inside the structure.


I did want to get close though but I was always to busy, rushing from home to work or from work to home. I'd pass it whenever I went shopping or to a friends house. I passed it when driving my children around. I pass it many times but only looked. Thinking that I should stop and ask the owner for a tour and a history lesson about the barn and land. But never stopped.

Then about a month ago the land was put up for sale and the add stated that anyone could view the property, but at your own risk. There it was, easy to approach, without the need to worry of the owners rejection of entry. I could go in an explore more details of light shining through the cracks onto the walls or through the large opening in the roof.


Still, I waited.


Then, about a week or two ago, on my typical drive home I realized that time and machinery changed the light forever. Someone had purchased the home, barn, and land and had changed my opportunity forever. The land was empty and the entire barn was gone forever, loaded as scrap wood into the back of a tractor trailer. My time of waiting and wondering was wasted. Never again would I get the chance to capture the intriguing light that danced around the building and shadows.


It was with a heavy sigh that I realized all those photographic images rushing from my memories. Images not from prints, my computer, nor my camera. The images are only a memory that I cannot share with others; friends, family, my wife or my children.


My resolution is not to let it happen again.

To capture more.

To carry my equipment more, to explore more, to see more.

And if possible, share and blog more.



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Acadia National Park, Mt Desert Island, Maine, part 1 This is my first posting to a blog, well, at least to one belonging to me. So please bear with me and be kind when posting comments. :-)

I decided to start a blog on my site as a way of displaying my work to others and to share my images with family and friends; hopefully I will make more friends along the way while taking this new journey.

This post is to display and share some images I took while on vacation at Acadia National Park in Maine. I had always wanted to go and spend some time there exploring the island and capturing its beauty to share. In the beginning of July my family and I decided to go on a camping trip there. We stayed at the Blackwoods Campground in the National Park and used this point as our base camp for exploring.


Main webpage of selected images from our trip:


We arrived on Monday, July 8th at about 4pm, after driving about 5-1/2 hours, including stops. The weather was cool, high 60's and the island was covered in fog. I guess that this is typical for this time of year, actually typical for New England; wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.

We spent the rest of Monday setting up the campsite; tents, canopy, and other essentials. I then drove into Bar Harbor to pick up supplies. We didn’t bring any firewood, as requested, for the fear of bringing non native bugs into the area. I also picked up food for the week as we didn’t pack any due to the limited space in the vehicle. Tents, sleeping bags, clothing, bicycles, and other gear for 2 adults and three teenagers took up a lot of space. After I had returned from the store I set a campfire where we enjoyed the rest of the evening under the stars.


On Tuesday, July 9th, we decided to walk the trail from our site at the top of the site to the coast to view the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs. We enjoyed a beautiful walk through the forest. Trees growing from the rocks, nature reclaiming its the island from manmade structures, and even young trees stretching in different directions to claim some space.










Shortly after I captured this image: (6 bracketed shots compiled for High Dynamic Range image)


Local flora growing amongst the cliffs:

On our way to our site to have dinner and settle in for the night we spotted a large bird flying low to the ground, through the trees, moving from tree to tree. It was a large, fast, and graceful bird, one that I had never seen before. I tried to move quickly, and quietly, so I could get close enough to get a photograph of it. Every time I got close and the camera up to focus, only to see the bird would fly away.  I managed to get several shots off but only one was close, it still could have been sharper but it would have to do.

Do you know what it is?

I knew it was a woodpecker but not the type. It is a Pileated Woodpecker, one of the largest in the woodpecker family. The picture is deceiving; the Pileated Woodpecker is a large bird, up there in size with a crow or a hawk.

We returned to site to have lunch and explore options for the remainder of the day and days to follow....


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